Infographic—Mining Inspections with Indoor Drones

Indoor drones changed the game for underground exploration, enabling unprecedented access within no-go-zones without exposing workers to hazards underground.

Elios 2 drone is able to fly in confined spaces to perform visual inspections of various assets while reducing downtime and  increasing inspectors' efficiency. Check this infographic which features numerous applications in the mining industry, avaiable in a PDF download

Infographic - mining -preview



Featured applications:



Performing preventive maintenance of crushers by having a mean of remote visual inspection to replace parts before they break and paralyze production.


Getting inside of SAG, Ball, and Grinding Mill to assess their integrity and detect blockage without having to stop the entire muck circuit.


Assessing the integrity of conveyor belts without disturbing their operation or interrupting  roduction downstream.


Inspect highwall crests and faces for any hazards to the miners working below. Check heavy equipment, such as shovels, haul trucks, and loaders for damage or premature wear.


  • Ore bins
  • Stacks
  • Stockpile feeder
  • Crushers & Mills
  • Chute
  • Tanks

Underground inspections


Flying tens of meter up a dusty, wet, and rocky drop raise in an underground mine to locate blockage or assess  otential for rehabilitation.


Explore restricted areas such as open stopes and create photogrammetric models to map fractures in the rocks and other
geological features to understand if a fall of ground will cause injuries, damage equipment, or dilute ore.


  • Shafts and raises
  • Ground support
  • Pass blockage
  • Crusher Inspection
  • Assess fill fence
  • Before backfilling


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