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News Partnership

Global leader in building material and solutions, LafargeHolcim, launches “Plants of Tomorrow” […]


Learn how to capture proper dataset to create photogrammetric 3D models with Elios 2. This blog […]

Oil & Gas Chemicals

RoNik Inspectioneering wanted to thoroughly test Flyability's new drone, the Elios 2, to see what […]

Article Photogrammetry

Discover the different scenarios where drone users envision using indoor photogrammetry to improve […]


The use of drones in the mining industry is quite popular for mapping open pits but when it comes […]

News Drones

Swiss leader in indoor commercial applications, Flyability, and IQ Motion Control announce […]

UAV Drones R&D

Indoor drone inspection pioneer Flyability launches Elios 2. With new intelligent flight handling […]


Flyability, manufacturer of the Elios collision-tolerant drone, has named Sphere Drones as its […]


We’re taking indoor inspection to the next level

Amusement Park

West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Canada is not only the largest shopping center in North America, it […]

News Oil & Gas Power Generation Chemicals

Flyability joins ASME’s Special Working Group (SWG) on the Use of UAVs for Inspection (BPV V).

Events News

Flyability reveals its events participation for 2019. The company aims at getting closer to its […]

Public Safety

A severe fire broke out at the Liverpool Echo Arena Multi Story Car Park on 31st December 2017. […]


Flyability announces its partnership with Airsens Co., Ltd which became an authorized reseller of […]

Drones Power Generation

Nuclear power plants can be hazardous places to work. There are often situations where workers are […]

Public Safety

With increasing international exchanges, we can see more and more fairs and exhibitions popping up […]


Every ship on the ocean needs a class survey to travel – and that means frequent inspections. It’s […]


Drone insurance specialist Moonrock Insurance has announced an exclusive partnership with Swiss […]


Flyability announces the closing of its 11M USD Series B, bringing the total amount raised by the […]

Events News

Flyability’s training partner Droneflight is offering various Elios Introductory Training dates […]


Drone-based indoor and confined space inspection can be a real challenge. Even the most experienced […]


Flyability joins the DARPA SubT Challenge granted team, CERBERUS, led by University of Nevada, […]

Power Generation

Elios was used to complete the inspection of a gas turbine stack at a major energy facility – […]

News Power Generation

Flyability announced that the Elios drone was tested and successfully performed even at a dose rate […]

Infrastructure & Utilities

Elios was used to complete the inspection of a damaged section of sewer infrastructure in […]

Podcast Steel Industry

Elios is having a significant impact on the way Chris and his team are performing visual […]


It’s a challenging question: how to inspect the ceiling of a vast production facility, without […]

Food & Beverage

Elios was used to complete a complex indoor ceiling inspection over the factory floor in the […]


The question of whether drones are intrinsically safe is one of the first that comes to the mind of […]

Oil & Gas Podcast

Through this podcast, Richard Schutte, Chief Pilot at Viper Drones, shares his experience of drone […]


Elios is used for mine facility and equipment inspections in Copper mines of Northern Chile, flying […]


When asset owners try to figure out how to proceed with the integration of drones in their […]

Chemicals Podcast

Listen to the story of Lieve Van Gijsel who started a drone inspection business and moved to indoor […]


We have compiled for you the 5 most impactful indoor drone stories gathered, throughout 2017, from […]

Mining Podcast

Eric Romersa explains his activity in Mining where he uses different drones to cover the needs of […]

ROI Podcast

Junio Palomba shares with us the experience of his customers about Return On Investment (ROI) with […]


The need to inspect confined spaces is present in virtually all industries. Patrick Thévoz explores […]

Infrastructure & Utilities

Elios is used for bridge inspections in Minnesota, USA, navigating the difficult to reach spaces […]


Flyability’s collision tolerant Elios drone has performed multiple missions in the North American […]

Power Generation

Flyability’s collision-tolerant Elios UAV has been used at a major nuclear power plant, proving the […]


The jet engine test beds used in the aeronautical industry for Quality Control and R&D require […]


CMA CGM required the internal inspection of a ballast tank of one of its container ships, the CMA […]