Inspector 3.0 Beta Program is free and available to all Elios 2 owners.
Please read the description below the form for further information. 


Inspector 3.0 Beta Tester Program

We’re glad to see that you want to enroll in our Inspector 3.0 Beta tester program (more information about inspector 3.0). Please note this program is exclusively for Elios 2 owners. If you don't have an Elios 2 and are interested to participate in this Beta, please contact us here

Your Hardware ID will be required to successfully register. Would you need help to find this reference, please follow the below steps or contact us here

How to find your Hardware ID: 

1. Find a flight log *.log file on the drone SD card 

2. Upload the file here below:

3. Copy the hardware ID value in the proper field in the form above


Important information

By filling out the form above and clicking the “REGISTER” button you will become a beta tester of Inspector 3.0 and have access to the beta version for free until further notice. The mapping and data localization features will become paid features in the future. We will inform you in advance about the switch to a paid version and, of course,  you will be free to choose whether to subscribe or not. Your free access to Inspector 3.0 will end once the Beta program is over. 

For full transparency, we want to set clear expectations as to the use of the beta version of Inspector 3.0 and we ask you to read and agree with our Beta Disclaimer before you enroll in this program.

A beta version is the opportunity to get user feedback on features, accuracy, robustness, and ease of use and we will prompt you for feedback in a few weeks after you’ve enrolled in this program. Feedback is not mandatory but will definitely be appreciated.

We wish you plenty of success using Inspector 3.0 Beta and we hope that you will enjoy the features you will discover once you are enrolled in the beta tester program.

- The Flyability Team