Customer Success Manager

Do you want to deep dive in the fast-growing industry of drones and get a rewarding experience within a dynamic startup environment?

At Flyability we have a long-lasting customer centered tradition. We value our customers immensely, and consider their success our top priority. We don’t want them just to be happy. We want them to be successful using our product, to achieve their desired outcome, and to really gain value from our product.

To align our acts with our words we’re hiring a top class Customer Success Manager: you.


Customer Success Manager

Starting date: as soon as possible


If you take up the challenge, you’ll be working within the Marketing team and will be responsible for:

On-boarding: helping our customers discover our products smoothly and giving them the best conditions to achieve their goal. This implies organizing calls with all new customers, defining an implementation plan with them, setting success criterias and inspection objectives for their first missions, ensuring they go through proper training and feel ready for their first mission… shooting product discovery tours... creating a series of how tos emails… Sky’s the limit!


Expanding: touching base with our users regularly to sense their level of satisfaction and make sure they achieve their desired outcomes at every step of their journey. Our customers usually start small but they can scale up quickly if we give them enough love. Following them closely, you will play an important role in removing roadblocks, firing quality alerts, identifying scale-up and cross-selling opportunities.


Understanding: collecting customers information to help steer the company roadmap and achieve double digit growth year on year. Through your interactions with customers you will identify the highest return use cases, continuously improve customer segmentation, gather product features wishlist, and drone usage data.  


In order to fulfill your role as we pictured it — and even exceed our expectations –, you must be selflessly and truly dedicated to our customers. You should always have their best interest at heart. Obviously, you’ll need some top-notch organization qualities in order to handle and prioritize the diverse tasks you’ll be responsible for. We want you analytical yet a good communicator who does not fear getting on the phone and chat. You’ll need some patience and empathy, a pinch of creativity, a touch of curiosity, some interest in self-training and dash of autonomy.

We welcome applications from candidates fluent in English with experience in market research, investigative journalism, or with a degree in marketing. 



Flyability is a young Swiss company that values autonomy and thorough leadership. Every day, you will have the opportunity to share your ideas and contribute to solving challenging problems. We all pull on the same rope and each voice is important to move forward.

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