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Drone-based indoor and confined space inspection can be a real challenge. Even the most experienced outdoor drone pilots need to adapt their reflexes, habits, and techniques when it comes to flying indoors.
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When piloting indoor and beyond line of sight you need to consider dust, smoke, protruding objects, falling objects, hanging objects or chains, loss of communication, and of course the risk of not finding your way back.

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During the Introductory Training, you will learn all the basics of Elios, practice flying, and discover all of its features. In order to go beyond the basics and cover extensively all the preparation and tips and tricks needed to perform proper inspections, the specialized training ensures you can tackle the most difficult inspections.


For these reasons, Flyability Professional Services (FPS) has used the experience gathered through more than 200 inspections to build the core of the specialized training and set up specialized training courses worldwide.


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Who Should Attend

Specialized Training courses are open to all pilots willing to improve their piloting skills and to learn industry or use case specific best practices with regards to using Elios.

Additionally, if you plan to perform a mission that requires advanced or expert piloting skills according to our Mission Difficulty Assessment Card and you are not certified accordingly, following a specialized training course is probably the best way to conduct a safe and competent flight.

Prerequisites to attending a specialized training

The specialized training courses can be attended by pilots who have already completed the Introductory Training, with one of our partners or us. All our partners providing specialized training courses are providing the Introductory Training as well allowing to do both of them in a row if you wish.


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Specialized Training Courses Offering



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Most specialized training courses are carried out over a two days period with a maximum of 2 students per course. Occasionally, it is possible to accommodate the training for more than two students at the same time. However, this requires extending the duration of the course to allow sufficient practice time for each of the attendees. The program is a mix of theory and practice and the second day is typically the day where you will go through all the process of a mission from preparation to realization and data post-processing.

All exercises are following the same pattern wherever you take the training:

  1. Explanation of the objective with documented pictures.
  2. Primary risk assessment using the Mission Difficulty Assessment Card, and a portfolio of photos of the asset.
  3. Reconnaissance flight.
  4. Risk assessment review (compared to the evaluation of our expert).
  5. Flight plan (the more we progress in the program, the more we will emphases the flight plan).
  6. Perform the exercise (assessment of pilot performances).

Where to Get Trained

Pricing and Cancellation Policy


2 days specialized training CHF 3'000


For more information about our cancellation, please check our policy

At training partners

Given the variety of assets, their individual renting cost, and the time required to be comfortable flying in specific challenging environments, our Training Partners are free to apply their own pricing and to modify the duration of the specialized training courses they provide.

Nevertheless, Flyability monitors the pricing practiced by its Training Partners to ensure a consistent education cost around the world. We make it a point of honor that you come back home from the training convinced by what you've learned and what you'll be able to do with your Elios.


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