Indoor 3D modeling: application & implications

Learn the Why and the How of indoor 3D modeling.

Watch the webinar recording of featuring speakers from Pix4D and Flyability sharing their learnings on indoor 3D modeling using drones.



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Andrew McIntyre

Andrew McIntyre

Technical Trainer and mapping expert
— Pix4D—

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Andrew host classes around the world on behalf of Pix4D.


Marc Gandillon

Lead of Marketing
— Flyability—

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Marc is on a mission to evangelize the world about safer asset management.


Zacc Dukowitz

Content Marketing Manager

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Zacc will be serving as Flyability's host for this webinar.

Free webinar recording: Indoor 3D modeling: application & implications.

Duration: 1 hour


Learn the Why and the How of indoor 3D modeling. In this webinar, Marc walks you through the different photogrammetry applications being used by the indoor drone community. In turn, Andrew talks about different considerations for optimizing your data capture when attempting to build 3D models of indoor spaces using photogrammetry. Both beginners and experts will enjoy a fresh look at the field of photogrammetry and how it differs from mapping the great outdoors!

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Andrew McIntyre—Pix4D

Andrew has hosted numerous classes around the world on behalf of Pix4D. In addition to his experience educating people about best practices, he has extensive experience providing technical support for a wide range of applications. In this webinar, Andrew highlights the most critical considerations to take into account when capturing images in an indoor environment from Pix4D's perspective.

Marc Gandillon—Flyability

Marc has a genuine interest and curiosity for customer stories, which stands at the heart of his work. As Lead of Marketing for Flyability he is on a mission to evangelize to the world about a safer and more efficient approach to asset management. With a decade of experience as an engineer and then marketer in semiconductors and embedded electronics applied to the security and aeronautic industries, he joined Flyability in the early days of the company to build the marketing team. In this webinar, he shares different photogrammetry applications being used in the indoor drone community.