Indoor 3D Modeling Use Cases: Photogrammetry in action

Learn how photogrammetry is being used by your peers to build indoor 3D models for industrial applications.

Watch this webinar recording for insights into how drone professionals are using photogrammetry to bring value to the industries they serve, including applications in Mining, Oil & Gas, and Sewer Management.

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Laurie McBean

Laurie McBean

Geospatial Data Specialist
—UAS Inc—

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Laurie makes mass capture data useable, meaningful, accurate and efficient.

Gregory Spirlet

Gregory Spirlet

Professional Services Engineer
— Flyability—

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Gregory is a professional pilot and trainer of Flyability products.


Zacc Dukowitz

Content Marketing Manager

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Zacc will be serving as Flyability's host for this webinar.

Free webinar recording: Indoor 3D Modeling Use Cases: Photogrammetry in Action

Duration: 1 hour


The value of photogrammetry and 3D modeling for outdoor applications is now quite clear. But what about indoor applications? Is there any value to be drawn from this technology in places deprived of GPS signals, where geolocalization is a nightmare?

In this webinar, Laurie and Gregory take you through some of the most common indoor photogrammetry applications they have encountered in their professional undertakings in Mining, Oil & Gas, and Sewer Management industries. Through a series of use cases, they present the challenges of their clients and the result they managed to achieve.

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Laurie McBean—UAS Inc

Laurie is the Geospatial Data Specialist at Unmanned Aerial Service Inc., a Sudbury-based inspection service provider pioneering the use of drones in underground mines. Working with 3D point clouds from mobile LIDAR and photogrammetry, in unique and challenging environments, Laurie makes mass capture data useable, meaningful, accurate, and efficient. Applying a broad background in geomatics to solve evolving technical challenges, she is often referred to as a magician when it comes to building 3D models of the most improbable places.

Gregory Spirlet—Flyability

Gregory has trained countless Elios 1 and Elios 2 pilots and performed demonstration inspections across the world. He was also in charge of creating technical documentation and training material for Flyability. In this webinar, Gregory talks about some inspections where 3D mapping has added significant value to the data gathered.