Drones in Power Generation: How Exelon Clearsight Uses Drones to Improve Safety, Reduce Downtimes, and Save Money

Want to learn how drones are being used in Power Generation?

Watch this webinar recording for insights into how Exelon Clearsight uses drones in its operations. In the webinar, we’ll cover industry-specific drone applications for Power Generation, as well as ways that drones help improve safety, reduce downtimes, and save money.



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Chris Place

Business Development Manager
—Exelon Clearsight—


Marc Gandillon

Head of Marketing



Zacc Dukowitz

Content Marketing Manager


Free webinar recording: Drones in Power Generation—How Exelon Clearsight Uses Drones to Improve Safety, Reduce Downtimes, and Save Money

Duration: 1 hour


Want to learn more about how drones are being used in Power Generation?

In this webinar recording, we hear from a leader at Exelon Clearsight working on the cutting edge of drone use in Power Generation. Our guest speaker covers typical drone use cases, drawing from first-hand experience using drones in the field. He also covers the benefits of using drones in inspection scenarios, including improved safety and ROI.

The webinar features 25 minutes of use case presentations and 30 minutes of a panel discussion and Q&A, where questions are answered by an expert from Exelon Clearsight. 

Learn more about our invited speakers

Chris Place—Exelon Clearsight

In his role at Exelon Clearsight Chris Place has helped leverage best-in-class technologies, including sUAS, to provide inspections of critical assets in sectors such as Generation, Transmission, and Distribution of energy. Chris has an accomplished history of working in the energy industry, and he draws from his deep experience to talk about how drones are currently being used to support various applications in Power Generation.

Marc Gandillon—Flyability

Marc has a genuine interest and curiosity for customer stories, which stands at the heart of his work. As Lead of Marketing for Flyability he is on a mission to evangelize to the world about a safer and more efficient approach to asset management. With a decade of experience as an engineer and then marketer in semiconductors and embedded electronics applied to the security and aeronautic industries, he joined Flyability in the early days of the company to build the marketing team. In this webinar, he shares different photogrammetry applications being used in the indoor drone community.