Indoor Drone Inspections: Case Studies and Best Practices from the Field

Wondering how drones are being used for indoor inspections?

Watch this webinar to learn about the specific use cases and assets where indoor drones are being used by inspection professionals across various industries.

Note: This webinar is part 6 in a 6-part series presented in partnership with MFE.




Nick Harwood

Unmanned Systems Operations Manager
— MISTRAS Group, Inc.—


Zacc Dukowitz

Content Marketing Manager

Free webinar recording: Indoor Drone Inspections—Case Studies and Best Practices from the Field

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes


Wondering whether you should hire a team of drone inspection professionals or you should build your own?

Watch this webinar recording for insights into the different factors to consider when trying to decide whether to insource or outsource your program, including budget considerations, prioritizing your needs, and making a final decision.

The webinar features 60 minutes of presentations and 15 minutes of a panel discussion and Q&A, where questions are answered by the presenters.


Nick Harwood—MISTRAS Group, Inc.

Nick has an extensive background in inspections. He joined MISTRAS Group, Inc. when his drone inspection services company Aetos Group, Inc. was acquired, and he now manages the Unmanned Systems Center of Excellence at MISTRAS. He has worked as a consultant, integrator, and service provider of UAS and robotics technologies into the petrochemical and oil and gas industry for years. In that work he helps provide cutting-edge technological expertise and sustainability plans for NDT data gathering so that industry leaders can focus on their core competencies. He has a wealth of knowledge to draw from when talking about the insourcing/outsourcing question, and shares insights from his years of experience in his presentation.

Zacc Dukowitz—Flyability

Zacc has been working as a writer and reporter in the drone industry since 2016. He currently holds the title of Content Marketing Manager at Flyability, and in that role he writes case studies, articles, press releases, and in-depth guides about drones and NDT inspection methods, as well as heading up Flyability's ongoing webinar efforts. Zacc is also a contributing writer at UAV Coach, where he has written over 450 articles about the drone industry.

Drone inspection webinar series presented in partnership with MFE

Flyability has partnered with MFE to offer a series of six webinars focused on drone inspections in both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

Here is the webinar schedule:

Learn more about the series here.

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