Join Flyability at MassMin

Flyability will be at Euro Mine Expo in Skellefteå to demo Elios 3. During the event, you will see a live presentation of the Elios 3 and its payloads (UT, 3D Surveying Payload, and RAD) and understand in person why it is an essential tool in the field of industrial inspection!

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Elios 3 Live Demonstration


Location & Date

Kiruna, Sweden

17 - 19 September  2024
Aurora Kultur och Kongress

Igor Stapper

What should you expect from this event?

MassMin is a prestigious international conference focused on mass mining, which encompasses large-scale underground mining operations and techniques. Held in various locations worldwide, the 2024 edition will take place in Kiruna, Sweden, a significant hub for mining activities. The conference brings together industry professionals, researchers, and experts to discuss advancements, challenges, and best practices in mass mining, offering presentations, technical sessions, and networking opportunities.

Join us at this event where we will be showcasing Elios 3 and unveiling its new payload! 


Can’t Make it?

Our Area Sales managers can set up additional roadshows upon request throughout the week they are scheduled to be in your area. Please reach out to the sales manager designated for your nearest city to schedule a proof of concept at your offices.