Safely collect visual, LiDAR, and radiometric data in minutes

Avoid unnecessary human
exposure to radiation

Up to $2 million saved for a
cavity liner inspection

Save over 30 days of work on a
cooling tower inspection

Know exactly where to act and the conditions you will face before entering an asset


Sending an inspection team to assess the conditions of an asset is not only dangerous but also time-consuming and expensive. Using a nuclear inspection drone will allow you to avoid unnecessary human exposure to radiation, improve decision-making, and reduce inspection time and cost.

By deploying the Elios 3 RAD, you can collect visual, LiDAR, and radiometric data without having to send humans or install expensive and inefficient radiation-hardened cameras. The RAD Payload, developed in collaboration with Mirion Technologies, allows you to accurately estimate the current and cumulative dose exposure a person would face in every corner of your asset and thanks to the high-quality data collected by the drone you can understand if there is a need to intervene and exactly where and how to act. The Elios 3 was successfully tested in 10,000 R/h conditions and all its components continued to function perfectly after an accumulated dose of approximately 4,000 R.


Image represents: LiDAR and radiometric data collected inside a turbine room using the Elios 3 RAD.


The benefits of adopting remote drone inspections in nuclear



Perform remote inspections and collect current and cumulative dose data for efficient dose planning.



Increase efficiency thanks to a faster deployment, an always on-site solution, and live-data results.



Cut costs and asset downtime by inspecting entire assets in a team of just two while the plant is live.


Collect data safely and efficiently in the nuclear industry and boost productivity

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“[By using the Elios 3] I see a financial gain because we don't mobilize resources to feed, for example, a 10m high scaffold. [ ] Sending people is obviously an additional cost and what's more these activities are outsourced. The advantage of having this drone at our disposal would be to re-internalize this type of inspection, in order to optimize inspection time.”

Anthony Rampello
Inspection Manager, EDF Cattenom

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