Capture close-up visuals and UT measurements up to 20x faster

NO human entry and
work at height

$1M+ saved on a hull

10x faster cargo tank

Why choose the Elios 3 UT drone for ship inspections?


Built from the start to perform contact inspections, the Elios 3 is the ideal tool for close-up visual inspections and UT measurements even in confined and hard-to-reach areas. The UT payload developed in collaboration with Cygnus Instruments allows the drone to perform accurate ultrasonic thickness measurements on vessels and other equipment. Combined with advanced LiDAR technology, the drone can provide precise localization of all measurements and display them in the 3D model of the asset.

Elios 3 UT provides you with all the data needed for a CLASS inspection while leaving inspectors safely on the ground and saving you significant time and money


Image represents: Software output and 3D model captured by the Elios 3 while inspecting the cargo tanks of a vessel.


The benefits of adopting remote drone inspections in maritime



Avoid having personnel working at height or in confined spaces by performing remote drone inspections even in GPS-denied areas.



Save up to 90% of costs by avoiding scaffolding and rope access specialists. Inspect in a team of just two and capture UT measurements up to 10x faster.



Slash downtime by up to 80% and inspect even while at anchor. Always have an inspection tool at hand to never waste any time.


Meet all the class inspection requirements and more with a single maritime drone

check-icon General visual inspection
check-icon Close-up visual inspection
check-icon UT spot measurements
check-icon Corrosion or crack monitoring
check-icon Foreign object detection
check-icon Digital twin



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See how Elios 3 UT helps our clients save time, money, and stay safe


“The Elios 3 UT can navigate cargo and ballast tanks, reaching areas that are typically inaccessible without scaffolding, rope access, or rafts. This technology offers a safer alternative, reducing the need for workers to climb and access dangerous locations. As a result, inspections and measurements can be completed more quickly and efficiently.”

Chris Leontopoulos
EMEA Vice President, Technology,
American Bureau of Shipping

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