Organize. Review. Document.


Organize, review and document each flight into a single project combining RGB, thermal, and flight data.

Video Player

Perform a detailed inspection of your asset by replaying your flights.

Inspector combines RGB imagery, thermal imagery, and metadata in a single video player.


Thermal Data

View thermal data full-screen or as an overlay on RGB data. Adjust color mapping of thermal information and set reference points to detect relative hotspots in your thermal video stream.


Video Player

Replay your flight frame by frame, in fast forward, or regular speed.


Flight Data

View in real time and in sync with the inspection footage the camera pitch angle as well as the robot altitude, pitch, roll, and heading.

Points of Interest

Increase your efficiency.

Create your inspection report as you review your flight, from one single place, using Point Of Interests.



Use POIs marked during a flight to seek through your flight data and review the most important portion of a flight.



Add a name and description to each POI to associate your observations with visual data.



Add POI as you find more relevant information to document, move POIs to reference the most relevant video frame, and remove the POIs that are no longer necessary.



Simplify your documentation process by exporting all your POIs including image, name, description, and metadata into a Word document. And if you want to use your favorite documentation tool, you can export your POIs as a simple set of images.

Give Inspector a try and discover how easy it is to manage Elios data.

Review a full dataset captured during a demo mission.


Give inspector a try r