Efficiently map, model and inspect complex infrastructures

Get 100% data coverage, even
in complex settings

Easily collect visual & LiDAR data
at eight or in confined spaces

Generate data 2x faster and
save on labor and equipment costs

Why choose infrastructure inspection drones?


Quickly assess infrastructure conditions using the Elios 3. Designed for contact inspections, this drone can navigate openings as small as 60x60 cm and maneuver around obstructions without fear of collisions. The Elios 3’s groundbreaking stabilization system enables pilots of all skill levels to become proficient with just one day of training.

Equipped with a close-up visual inspection payload, the Elios 3 can be swiftly deployed to capture 4K footage and 12-megapixel images, working to provide rapid insights in previously inaccessible areas. 

When mounted with the Surveying payload, the Elios 3 and its partner FARO Connect software can create point clouds with centimeter-level accuracy that can be processed into 2D and 3D CAD-based digital twins & scan to BIM models facilitating efficient engineering decisions.


Image represents: 3D model of a highway pilar with highlighted POIs


Get a full view of your infrastructures with less complexity & risk


Improved safety

Drones can be remotely operated from the ground, offering a safer alternative to traditional data collection methods.


Better data coverage

Drones can navigate at eight or in confined spaces to capture visual and LiDAR data from every angle, with precise positional accuracy.


Cost effectiveness

Drones can cover complex areas quickly, reducing the need for large inspection teams and expensive equipment.


Increased efficiency

Drones can complete inspections in less time than traditional methods, helping to reduce downtime and increase productivity.


Access advanced drone capabilities for a range of infrastructure applications

check-icon Map & inspect hard-to-reach areas
check-icon Conducting building assessments
check-icon Creating accurate as-built drawings
check-icon Planning renovations or retrofits
check-icon Responding to emergencies
check-icon Tracking changes over time



All Applications

Exploring applications for infrastructure inspection drones

See the Elios 3 in action at the Euralpin tunnel construction


“Elios 3 sets a new standard for indoor drones, enabling inspectors to perform safer, more efficient and more accurate inspections.”

Elisson T. Ciorcero
Key Account Manager at Flyability

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