Make sewer operations faster, cheaper, and safer

0 human lives at risk with all visual
inspections performed from
a safe distance


40% cost saving on average from
FTE reduction and pipe cleaning


900m / day inspected on average
vs 400m using conventional

Why choose the Elios 3 drone for sewer inspections?


Unlike traditional RVI tools like CCTV, the Elios 3 can easily be deployed inside pipes with diameters larger than 75 cm. With a unique design for inspections in contact with its surroundings, the drone can navigate openings as small as 60x60cm and navigate obstructions without fear of collisions.

Equipped with a close-up visual inspection payload, the Elios 3 can be swiftly deployed to capture 4K footage and 12-megapixel images, working to provide rapid insights in previously inaccessible areas. The drone adheres to official reporting standards, with all points of interest recorded in flight precisely located in a digital twin of the asset that can be evaluated within the Inspector software solution. 

When mounted with the Surveying Payload, the Elios 3 and its partner FARO Connect software can georeference sewage infrastructure with centimeter-level accuracy, enhancing situational awareness for planning, maintenance, and emergency response.


Image represents: Georeferencing of a 150m sewage pipe section, scanned from one entry point.

The benefits of integrating drones for pipelines and sewage systems inspections


Safely inspect inaccessible places

Access sections of sewer systems through manholes and other small entry points. Quickly collect data from a safe distance, regardless of obstructions, access issues, or confined space entry procedures.


Pinpoint & document
any defects

In line with official reporting standards, you can localize the exact position of defects found during an inspection within the 3D model of your asset, for improved assessment and maintenance work processes.


Collect objective & precise data

Provide a crystal clear view of the pipe and assets’ conditions with 4K video footage and centimeter-accurate scans. The Elios 3 provides greater control over data capture compared to other RVI tools such as CCTV.


Access advanced drone capabilities for a range of water & wastewater applications

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check-icon Tanks and water storage
check-icon Sewers pipelines
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check-icon Wastewater treatment plants



All Applications



All Applications

Exploring applications for our drones in the water & wastewater management industry

See how the Elios has changed the way Veolia performs water and wastewater inspections


“Thanks to the Elios 3 drone, we've effectively eliminated most of the risks associated with these confined spaces.”

Julien Maj
Local Service Manager at Veolia Water

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