Improve worker safety, operational efficiency, and data quality in your power plant

NO human entry and
work at height

$500k saved on a
boiler inspection

470h avoided on a
scrubber inspections

The revolution of power plant inspection drones


Power plant assets like boilers, pipes, and chimneys are under constant stress and need to be regularly inspected to avoid unwanted downtime. Inspections however often take place in confined and hard-to-reach areas which can be dangerous and costly. The Elios 3 is a power plant inspection drone created to improve inspection safety and efficiency by up to 90%, saving the plant significant money and time. 

The Elios 3 drone is able to collect high-quality visual data thanks to its 4k camera and accurate UT measurements thanks to the UT payload. Advanced LiDAR technology also allows the drone to precisely localize all measurements within the asset's 3D model.


Image represents: Software output and 3D model with UT measurements captured by the Elios 3 UT while inspecting a boiler.


The benefits of adopting power plant inspection drones



Keep workers out of harm’s way by using drones to perform inspections in confined and hard-to-reach areas.



Get real-time data from inside the asset without the need for scaffolding or rope access and use it for proper service planning.



Reduce inspection costs by up to 95% and conduct critical inspections while operations continue to run, minimizing maintenance costs.


Access a wide range of applications for power generation inspection drones

check-icon Boilers & furnaces
check-icon Chimneys & stacks
check-icon Hydroelectric plants
check-icon Wind turbines
check-icon Silos & tanks
check-icon Cooling towers



All Applications

Capture every corner of the most confined assets from a safe location

See how Elios 3 UT helps our clients save time, money, and stay safe



“I am no fan of big heights, and this drone helps me to work quickly and safely while minimizing how long I have to be up there. The drone ensures I can stay in the safety of the hub and be harnessed down without having to crawl into the turbine blades.”

Joseph Valenzuela
Operations Manager at Pathfinder Optics


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A drone stack inspection with the Elios 3 UT

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Saving over $1 million: wind turbine inspections with the Elios 3

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Surveying a disused coal plant with the Elios 3