Get the best out of your Elios drone

Flying a drone indoors has its own particularities and is definitely different from flying a drone outdoor. To help you maximize your return on investment, we have defined a complete set of certifications and thorough training courses to ensure that your Elios is always operated in the safest conditions and in the most efficient way.

Jump-start Your Indoor UAS Expertise

Our training courses derive from years of field experience in many industries, assets, and environmental conditions.



Our training courses are defined and provided by professional pilots with extensive mission track records using Elios drones.



Every bit of theory you will learn is backed-up by practical exercises directly applicable to your everyday job as a pilot.



Operators following our training courses receive a valuable professional certification, acknowledging their proficiency at using Elios drones.

Training Offering

Introductory Training

Introductory Training

Each drone sold by Flyability or its partners comes with a complimentary training called Introductory Training. This one-day, in-person training allows future operators to perform standard inspections right from the first flight. We also offer an online version of this training covering the basic knowledge necessary to fly an Elios drone, including the certification required to benefit from the warranty.

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AIIM Training

The Aerial Indoor Inspection Methodology Training is designed for operators willing to take the fast track to use Elios drones at their fullest. After this training, operators will be able to plan and execute inspections with advanced practices in regards to flying in complex indoor environments. Even experienced outdoor pilots will take advantage of this session, learning industry-specific use cases and best practices in regards to indoor flight.

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500x300 - photogrammetry training

Indoor Photogrammetry Training

The Indoor Photogrammetry Training is designed for those willing to learn how to use an Elios 2 drone to build 3D models of indoor spaces.  This training course focuses on learning how to define and execute data capture flight plans that offer the highest success rate when processed with photogrammetry software. It mixes plenary session on photogrammetry basics with practical exercises on software and flight technics.


Where to Get Trained


At an Official Training Center

By coming to an official Flyability training center you will get the most out of the training. There is no time lost in setup, and the proper training material is readily available. It is also an opportunity to combine multiple training courses.


At Your Premises

We are happy to send one of our trainers to your premises to train your employees. This approach is an excellent way to get detailed advice on how to perform an inspection of your assets. However, the training will be less generic and we ask you to cover the transportation and accommodation costs of the trainer.

Official Training Centers

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