Reduce costs and risks in oil and gas inspections

NO human entry and
work at height

90% cost saving for a
chimney inspection

4 hours for an internal
tank inspection

Why choose the Elios 3 UT drone for oil & gas inspections?


Drones in oil and gas have helped reduce inspection time, cut costs, decrease downtime, and identify problems early on. What sets the Elios 3 apart from other UAVs is its ability to reach places no other drone can and swiftly conduct visual and UT inspections compliant with API/EEMUA regulations. Thanks to its unique design it can easily access pipe racks, chimneys, tanks, flares, and distillation columns and take up to 30 measurements every 10 minutes. In addition, the drone’s advanced LiDAR capabilities allow it to precisely localize POIs (points of interest) for future reference and comparison

With the UT Payload mounted, inspectors can perform accurate ultrasonic thickness measurements while safely standing on the ground, avoiding unnecessary scaffolding, rope access or man lifts which can be expensive and dangerous.


Image represents: 3D model of an oil tank captured by the Elios 3 showing the recorded points of interest.


Substantially reduce costs and time for oil and gas inspections and increase personnel safety



Collect high-quality visuals and UT measurements without having to enter an asset and avoid any work at height.



Cut inspection time by up to 90% and save $30k on tank inspections by avoiding scaffolding and rope access.


Data Quality

Get detailed visual, UT, and LiDAR data from the most confined spaces and benefit from precise POI localization.


Comply with API/EEMUA regulations and collect reliable visual and UT data from numerous applications

check-icon Pipes & pipe racks
check-icon Bulk storage tanks
check-icon Chimneys, flares & stacks
check-icon Distillation columns
check-icon Boilers & furnaces
check-icon Miscellaneous structures
check-icon Jetties
check-icon Pressure vessels
check-icon Cracker units & FCCUs



All Applications



All Applications

Capture every corner of the most confined assets from a safe location with oil and gas drone inspections

See how Elios 3 UT helps our clients save time, money, and stay safe



“Among the many use cases we identified for robotics at Total, confined spaces inspection is probably the one that gave us the best satisfaction. This has been possible thanks to the Flyability Elios, which is a fast decision-making tool which enhances our safety and the availability of our assets”

Julien Da Vela
UAVs & Robotics Officer, Total Energies

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