Inspect, survey, and map inaccessible areas from a safe distance

Map a 340 meter tunnel
in 9 minutes

Locate a hangup in less
than 10 minutes

Survey unknown areas
from a safe distance

Why choose the Elios 3 drone for mine inspections & mapping?


With its patented flight controller and collision-resilient technology, the Elios 3 can safely fit through openings as small as 50x50cm and collect comprehensive data in previously inaccessible areas.

When paired with the Surveying Payload and the FARO Connect software solution, Elios 3 can create centimeter-accurate scans of ore passes, draw points, and stopes, providing rapid insights that are not accessible with traditional tools or other UAV technologies.


Image represents: 3D model showing the Elios 3’s trajectory and some of the points of interest recorded during the mission.


The benefits of integrating mining drones in challenging underground operations



Complete surveying tasks in areas that are unsafe or inaccessible to humans with traditional equipment.



Deliver centimeter-accurate data in minutes rather than hours and make informed decisions faster.



Avoid dangerous working conditions using remote monitoring, mapping, surveying, and inspection capabilities.


Access advanced drone capabilities for a range of underground mining applications

check-icon Monitoring of underground shafts and ore passes
check-icon Mapping & surveying of hazardous areas
check-icon Stockpile volume tracking and reconciliation
check-icon Change detection
check-icon Cut and fill volume calculation
check-icon Rock mass classification
check-icon Equipment inspection
check-icon UT spot measurements
check-icon Pre-entry survey of decommissioned areas



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“Elios 3 can get into places that other drones can’t sneak into. I see it being a true replacement for human eyes underground.”

Meggan Gidden
Ground Control EIT, Glencore Kidd Operations

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