Elios drones in the Oil & Gas industry: Digitalizing Asset Inspection

Discover how to transform Oil & Gas asset inspection through digitalization

Watch this webinar to learn how representatives from the companies Texo DSI and Tupras are using drones in their inspections and redefining asset inspection.  The webinar will feature case studies and share best practice around asset inspection, including cost savings, enhanced safety, and increased data accuracy.



Xiang Wong

Xiang Wong

Business Development Manager
—Texo DSI—

Junio V. Palomba

Junio V. Palomba

Managing Director - EMEA

Eralp 002 (1)

Eralp Koltuk

Inspection Chief Engineer

Elios drones in the Oil & Gas industry: Digitalizing Asset Inspection

Webinar duration

1 hour and 20 minutes


In this highly informative webinar, we will explore the impact of digitalization on the Oil & Gas sector. The fist part will be presented by Eralp Koltuk from the company Tupras and focusing specifically on how Elios drone is redefining asset inspection in comparison with traditional methods. The second part,  Xiang Wong from the company Texo will share the advantages of utilizing Elios 3 as compared to its predecessor, Elios 2. At the end of the presentation the two speakers and Junio Valerio Palomba Managing Director - EMEA from Flyability, will be available to address your questions and ensure a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

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