AIIM Training

Aerial Indoor Inspection Methodology

Flying a drone in a confined, dusty, pitch dark, and unexplored environment can be very intimidating. We have created the Aerial Indoor Inspection Methodology Training to help you prepare for these critical first missions. The core of this training is built out of the experience gathered over hundreds of inspections.

Training Details

Duration: 2 days

Participants: up to 2

Level: Advanced

Price: 3 000 CHF

Theory: 40%

Practice: 60%

Location: Available at official training centers and at your premises (under certain conditions, contact us for more information).


This training is for advanced pilots and operators who attended the Introductory Training. All of our partners who provide the AIIM Training can also provide the Introductory Training; trainees can take both courses back to back.


  • How to methodically prepare an inspection by identifying and mitigating any risks in your flight zone.
  • How to perform standard flights: reconnaissance flight, local inspection, systematic inspection
  • How to master First Person View (FPV) operations
  • How to react in case of emergency
  • How to post-process data and create a report using Inspector
  • How to use the accessories available with Elios drones


  • Assessing risks and preparing a method statement
  • Dozen of flights under the supervision of an expert: reconnaissance flight, local inspection, systematic inspection
  • First Person View (FPV) operation
  • Emergency procedures
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  • Field experience
  • A thorough understanding of the drone
  • Readiness to perform critical missions
  • Tips and tricks from professional pilots
  • AIIM Certificate

Official Training Centers

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