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What Does ‘ATEX’ Mean?

The ATEX directives are a pair of directives from the European Committee for Standardization created to protect people from ATmosphères …

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What Does ‘Intrinsically Safe’ Mean?

If the term “intrinsically safe” (IS) is new to you, it’s important to understand how it relates to devices used in hazardous locations and …

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Oil and Gas Industry Use Cases for Indoor Drones: An Overview of Assets and Applications

Professionals in the oil and gas industry are using indoor drones in a variety of ways—read this article to get the details.

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7 Key Benefits of Indoor Drones for the Oil and Gas Industry

Drones present several benefits as a tool for remote visual data collection in internal inspections for the oil and gas industry—here's our list of …

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Infographic—Oil & Gas Inspections with Indoor Drones

[Oil & Gas infographic] See how drones are helping companies in the Oil & Gas industry cut inspection costs while increasing the safety of workers by …

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Are drones intrinsically safe?

The question of whether drones are intrinsically safe is one of the first that comes to the mind of Oil & Gas and Chemical professionals.

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Drone Operations in the Oil & Gas Industry

Through this podcast, Richard Schutte, Chief Pilot at Viper Drones, shares his experience of drone operations in the Oil & Gas industry and covers …

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