What is the price of the Flyability Elios 2?

What is the price of the Flyabilty Elios 2? Here is a short article about pricing to make sure you get all the data you need during your decision process.

The question of price is by far the first question we get when people discover our technology. As we want to make sure you get all the data you need during your decision process, here is a short article about price and costs. Before we articulate a number, there is two important things to understand: the difference between consumer and commercial drones, the value behind remote visual inspection in confined spaces using drones.

The difference between consumer and commercial UAVs

Although both UAV categories, the consumer and the commercial, are meant to fly and capture images, their price range have nothing in common. If you open your favorite consumer electronic online shop and search for drones you'll see that pricing ranges from $100 to $5 000. If you start searching for commercial drone price you'll quickly discover that commercial drones start around $10,000 and can go as high as multiple $100 000. This difference in price comes from many factors: the camera and sensors embedded on the drone (the payload), the overall flight performances (speed, wind resistance, battery life), the materials used to manufacture them, but also their technical abilities such as flying partially autonomously or being able to sustain collisions. Commercial drones go beyond the basic need of capturing images. They offer much more advanced features, they are built to meet the need of enterprise users, and are often tailored to a set of very specific applications.

The value behind remote visual inspection in confined spaces

Using drones to perform remote visual inspections in confined spaces serve three important aspects of asset maintenance: increasing workers safety, reducing asset downtime, and lowering cost of operations. Beyond that, performing remote visual inspections allows maintenance operations to be performed in a much more educated way and to a much greater extent. Anytime there is a shutdown the inspection can cover virtually every part of the asset under inspection and not just the part that is usually staged for a manned access. Ultimately, this allows to produce more data, of a better quality, and to gather it at a higher frequency. Although every single use case is different, our customers regularly report savings with seven figures, and the vast majority of them see a return on investment in a few months.

So, what's the price of Elios 2?

We offer various packages and accessories to cover the needs of new to advanced users. More details about these packages is available in our Product Offering available for download through our Elios 2 pricing page. The recommended configuration is called the Professional Package. It offers a turnkey solution for everyone who wants to seriously tackle remotely operated indoor inspection. It includes the following items:

  • Elios 2 Kit:
    • 1 x Elios 2 UAV
    • 1 x 2.4 GHz digital RC and video receiver
    • 1 x Samsung android tablet
    • 9 x Elios 2 batteries
    • 4 x Battery chargers
    • 1 x Transport case
    • 1 x Toolbox with spare parts
    • 2 x Micro SD cards
    • 6 x Spare cage pentagons
    • 5 x Pack of 4 propellers
    • 1 x Pack of plugs and power cords adapted to your country
  • A motor replacement kit
  • 24 months warranty
  • One day of introductory training
  • Support (phone, email, online)

Our prices are in CHF, which is our national currency. We also offer our products in USD and EUR. These prices are updated quarterly based on currency exchange rates. Our prices do not include taxes and shipping costs but we estimate these costs in our quotes. You can get a quote, valid for 30 days, by contacting our sales team through our contact form. Our team usually replies within 2 business days.

In the meantime, if you want to have a look at our complete product offering and list price, please visit our Elios 2 pricing page.


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