8 Key Benefits of Indoor Drones for Sewer Inspections

Drones present several benefits as a tool for remote visual data collection in sewer inspection scenarios—here is our list of the top 8.


Flyability’s 2020 Year in Review—7 Million Euros Raised, Mission to Chernobyl, Data Localization, 21,000+ Webinar Registrants, and More

Although 2020 was a difficult year—as it was for everyone—we managed to stay quite busy here at Flyability. Here is our list of highlights from the …


The 7 Major Benefits of Indoor Drones for NDT in Internal Inspections

Drones present several benefits as a tool for remote visual data collection in NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) indoor inspection scenarios—here is our …


The Hierarchy of Control for Indoor Inspections—and Where Drones Fit In

For indoor inspections, drones can help eliminate hazards completely by replacing the need for an inspector to enter them. This places drones in the …

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The Importance of Data Localization in the Inspection Business—And How Inspector 3.0 Can Help

What if you could make a 3D map showing you exactly where a defect was located within an asset after an indoor drone inspection flight—and almost no …

Inspector Photogrammetry

6 Ways Indoor Drones Can Help with Bridge Inspections

Drones provide several benefits for bridge inspections—here's our list of the top 6.

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Photogrammetry and Resolution: What Level of Accuracy Can I Get in a 3D Model Made with Visual Data from the Elios 2?

How accurate is the 3D model I made using Elios 2 visual data? Read this article on photogrammetry and resolution to find out.


Is 10 Minutes of Flight Time Enough?

Is ten minutes of flight time enough? Yes, it is, according to our customers—read this article to find out why.


The Impact of COVID-19: Why the Steam and Boiler Industry Is Crucial Right Now

During these times of COVID-19, boilers are crucial for the continued operation of a variety of businesses.


Infographic—Power Generation Inspections with Indoor Drones

[Power Generation infographic] See how drones are helping companies in the Power Generation industry improve safety for their inspectors while …