Disaster response: the Elios 3 in the Johannesburg gas explosion

Specialist digitization and inspection engineers Delta Scan used the Elios 3 in a rapid response to deal with a gas explosion on a street in central …

Public Safety LiDAR Case Study

Bringing safer confined space sewer inspections to Sydney with the Elios 3

In Sydney, Australia, Metrocorp Technologies is using the Elios 3 for safe surveys in live sewers, stormwaters and other high risk confined space …

Sewer LiDAR Case Study

Mapping 13 kilometers of underground technical galleries in Brussels

In a massive project to help Brussels become a smart city, Brussels Mobility and several partners mapped 13 km of underground technical galleries.

infrastructure & utilities Operations LiDAR Case Study

Saving over $1 million: wind turbine inspections with the Elios 3

A drone inspection for wind turbine blades can help avoid over $1 million in replacement costs by identifying faulty equipment early.

Power Generation LiDAR Case Study

Surveying a disused coal plant with the Elios 3

An abandoned coal plant is being mapped for redevelopment, so surveying and inspection specialists TEXO used the Elios 3 to inspect the old buildings …

Power Generation LiDAR Case Study

Power station inspections in Hong Kong with the Elios

CLP Power supplies highly reliable electricity to over 80% of Hong Kong’s population. As maintaining safe and efficient operations of power …

Power Generation LiDAR Case Study

Using the Elios 3 drone to monitor stockpiles at a cement plant

The Elios 3 was used to cut risks and inspection times for stockpile surveys - while improving the accuracy of data. This is how.

Cement LiDAR Case Study