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Diesel Tank Inspection Transformed by the Elios 2: Team Trained in Hours to Perform One of the Fastest, Cheapest, and Most Thorough Inspections on Record

Personnel at an oil depot tested the Elios 2 for a diesel tank inspection and found that it helped them cut costs by 96%.

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Oil Storage Tank Inspection Sees Improved Safety, Cost, and Efficiency with the Elios 2

PERTAMINA, the national energy company of Indonesia, hired Halo Robotics to overhaul a huge oil storage tank. The Elios 2 was used for the tank …

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Largest Energy Company in Turkey Tests Elios 2 at Refinery that Makes One Third of the Country’s Petroleum Products

Using the Elios 2 for an FCC unit inspection allowed Oil and Gas refining company Tüpraş to avoid sending an inspector into the confined space inside …

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Elios 2 Tested 15 Times by RoNik Inspectioneering, Approved as a Formal Inspection Tool

RoNik Inspectioneering wanted to thoroughly test Flyability's new drone, the Elios 2, to see what it could do to support indoor inspections. RoNik …

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Inspection of above-ground hydrocarbons and chemicals storage tank

TAU AG, an asset manager in charge of a tank farm in Muttenz Switzerland for the BP and Avia oil companies, required the internal inspection of …

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