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Elios 3 Price

The Elios 3 system can be acquired with a variety of packages, accessories, payloads, and software.
The most basic turnkey configuration, the Elios 3 Light Package includes:

The Elios 3 Light Package

✔    1x Elios 3 UAV

✔    1x Tablet

✔    8x Spare cage elements

✔    3x UAV batteries

✔    FlyAware™ SLAM Engine

✔    Self-training / Training simulator

✔    1x LiDAR Payload

✔    1x Transport case

✔    3x Pack of 4 propellers

✔    Inspector Software

✔    Core Software updates

✔    Unlimited phone and email support

✔    1x 2.4 GHz digital RC and video receiver

✔    1x Maintenance toolbox

✔    2x UAV battery chargers

✔    Cockpit Flight App

✔    12 month Warranty

The Elios 3 Light Package starts from

CHF 45,000.00

This package is typically suited for occasional use at a single location.
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Customers who use their Elios 3 frequently or who travel with it will be better served by our Premium and Enterprise Packages, which include Premium Software access and additional spare parts, batteries, and accessories.

Elios 3 Additional Payloads

You can also purchase additional payloads for the Elios 3, such as a dosimeter or a UT probe. To get more information on the additional options and to
discuss which option is best suited for your needs, please contact our sales team through our contact form.

Elios 3 RAD

Elios 3 RAD

Elios 3 Surveying

Elios 3 Surveying Payload

Elios 3
UT Payload

Elios 3 UT

Elios 3 Software Solutions

Elios 3 comes with a set of optional software solutions to ease the analysis and processing of inspection data. To learn more about these additional options and discuss which one is best suited for your needs, please contact our sales team through our contact form.



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