Indoor drones in Oil & Gas

Safety first.

Because safety is paramount to the Oil & Gas industry and because this industry is facing more and more cost pressure, our customers are turning to innovative solutions allowing them to improve the quality of their inspection and preserve their assets. By choosing Elios, they are increasing the safety of their workers while cutting inspection costs by performing more thorough and frequent visual inspections and benefiting from a visual support for a better maintenance planning.

Oil & Gas Drone Applications

Oil & Gas - Chimney

Chimney / Smokestack

Performing a General Visual Inspection to detect cracks and anomalies on the inside of a sky-high chimney within an oil refinery.

Oil & Gas - Offshore Rigs, FPSOs, and Drilling Ships

Offshore rigs, FPSOs, and Drilling Ships

Checking the inside of ballasts and tanks for possible anomalies of the structures on offshore rigs, FPSOs, and drilling ships.

Oil & Gas - Storage Tank-1

Storage tank

Looking for cracks and corrosion on rafters, walls, and roof sections of storage tanks during integrity-assessment turnarounds, by performing close visual inspection beyond line of sight.

Oil & Gas - Refinery-1


Performing the visual inspection of critical production units of petroleum refineries such as Fluid Catalytic Cracking and Cokers.

Oil & Gas - Jetty-1


Collecting close up images underneath a jetty to check its structural integrity as well as the integrity of the piping it carries.

Oil & Gas - Decommisionning and Rehabilitation

Asset Decommissioning and Rehabilitation

Assessing the extent of damages inside an asset in order to plan for its decommissioning or rehabilitation and evaluate the cost of the operation without putting humans at risk.


What our customers say about Elios

Increase Safety

Increase Safety

Among the many use cases we identified for robotics at TOTAL, confined spaces inspection is probably the one that gave us the best satisfaction. This has been possible thanks to the Flyability Elios, which the TOTAL inspectors pilot day after day. Whether for planned or unplanned shutdowns, this is a fast decision-making tool which enhances our safety and the availability of our assets.

Julien Da Vela

UAVs & Robotics Officer, TOTAL

Decrease Downtime

Decrease Downtime

I used one of the drones of Flyability to inspect a WHRU in an oil plant and we benefit a lot from the results. It took short time to prepare the inspection and few hours to perform it. If we had to build scaffolding inside the WHRU it would be much more impacting for our customer.

Lorenzo Morandi

EPC Project Manager, GE Oil & Gas

Save Costs

Save Costs

We have developed an internal service of 6 pilots, flying Elios up to 100 times per month at our customer's refineries and petrochemical facilities. Providing our services with the Elios to our clients has been a win-win: It has helped our customers in reducing the cost of their inspections and their downtime, and us in supplying unmanned inspection services for new and existing relationships.

Danny Landry

Unmanned Operations Manager, Premium Inspection & Testing


What you should know about indoor drone inspection in Oil & Gas.

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