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CLIX - investors’ favourite idea in the clean mobility category

Flyability Awarded Investors’ Favorite Idea in the Clean Mobility Category

[January 2018] – Flyability has been awarded investor’s favorite idea in the clean mobility category during the World Future Energy Summit (WFES), a platform dedicated to the innovation and digitalization trends driving transformation in the global energy mix.



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Swiss-based drone company Flyability has been awarded investors favorite idea in the clean mobility category by a panel of judges composed of investors coming from seed, angel, family offices, high net worth individuals and a prominent venture capital fund, some of whom travelled from as far as China, United Kingdom, Lebanon and California’s Silicon Valley to explore the projects.

Flyability presented its product Elios, the first indoor inspection UAV, which provides maintenance operation specialists with a mean to perform indoor General Visual Inspections of industrial assets in a safer, faster and more economical way.

This year was the first participation of Flyability to the event but a sequel of Flyability winning an award in the UAE. The previous award was the prestigious UAE Drones for Good Award rewarded by a 1 million dollar prize which allowed the company to get off to a proper start back in 2015.

Attending the event was a great opportunity to demonstrate the technology to one of Flyabilty’s primary audience; the Global Energy industry. It was also the occasion to show the evolution of the product since its last display in the country of His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE ministers and international dignitaries, who likewise Flyability shares this vision of reshaping our world by using innovation and technology in the service of humanity.

The event has also picked up the attention of Forbes who reports about the 5 companies awarded in their article Potential Not Wasted: 5 Clean Tech Innovations Of The Future.