[June, 2016] Flyability exhibits at Gottardo 2016! — Flyability



Elios at Gottardo 2016

Flyability exhibits at Gottardo 2016!

[June, 2016] To celebrate the official inauguration of the longest railway tunnel in the world, event-goers were introduced to Elios in the “Mobilité de Demain” Pavilion.



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In celebration of the opening of the world’s longest railway tunnel, Flyability was invited to showcase the benefits of our technology for the inspection of complex environments, alongside EPFL and ETH Zurich at Gottardo 2016.

Demonstrations of Flyability’s Elios were done in the “Mobilité de Demain”  pavilion at Rynacht station, the north entrance of the new Gotthard Tunnel. For those who not yet seen an unmanned system such as Elios, it was an opportunity to discuss the emerging drone market in Switzerland.

It was a pleasure to be part of such a historic day for Swiss engineering.