New Inspector 3.0 Beta release

This is the second update of Inspector 3.0 Beta. This version no longer relies on the third party Docker software. If you have been unable to install or run Docker in the past, then this is your chance to catch up.

In addition, there are several other new features and improvements. As always, we highly recommend every user to upgrade and take advantage of the new features.



Docker is no longer needed

Previous releases of Inspector 3.0 required Docker, a third party linux virtual machine to run computations in the background. These computations are now performed directly on Windows via WSL2. Docker is therefore no longer needed.

3D position in Inspection report

You can now take a 3D snapshot of the position of a POI and it will automatically be included in the inspection report.



Inspector 3.0.3735 (BETA 3)

New Features

  • Docker is no longer required to map a flight
  • Inspector provides functionality to setup WSL2 virtualisation on user PC
  • Inspection page available to visualise all imported flights grouped by mission
  • Added possibility to capture a screenshot of the 3D viewer that is automatically integrated in the report
  • Cockpit style telemetry now shows same info as the 3D viewer when a flight is mapped
  • Annotation panel is now collapsible

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue that would cause the software to crash if no IMU data is present in the logs 
  • Fixed issue that would prevent frame export from working.
  • Fixed issue where no tooltip would be available to explain why 2D measurements are not available
  • Fixed issue that would prevent some flights to be imported because of a wrong check on video length and payload information.
  • Fixed wrong heading in the report (270 degrees instead of 0)
  • Fixed discrepancies in the map button between preview and inspection page
  • Fixed issue where some files would not be deleted properly once a flight is deleted.
  • Added POIs in the annotation panel once a flight is open
  • Fixed issue that would cause the log time to be displayed in the report instead of video time

Known issues

  • Dragging the playhead to the end of the timeline can cause the software to crash sometimes
  • Last flight in the inspection page is cut if list is longer than window size
  • Map button from Inspection page opens the flight but does not start the mapping
  • 0 Annotation shown when opening a flight right after import
  • VIO pipeline not working correctly with Google drive folders
  • Each press on "search flights" triggers a new action even if a search is already in progress
  • Dragging a zoomed POI does not work when undistort is selected