Fully Automated Drone Solutions

With hundreds of customers constantly providing feedback on how our drones help change their business, we are continuously evaluating and developing new exciting projects, pushing the limits of what flying robots will perform in the future.

As a basis for our next products, we are working on technologies enabling to fully automatically gather data at the press of a button to generate 3D models following pre-defined inspection paths, building actual digital twins, and delivering actionable data to our customers.

Flyability is participating in the most prestigious robotics competition, the DARPA subterranean challenge, putting together the most advanced companies in autonomy in complex and confined spaces in addition to being part of several other international research consortiums (ROBINS, …).

We are now engaging with a selected number of customers towards automated solutions, understanding in depth their needs in order to deliver turnkey solutions adapted to their workflow, environment, data management systems, and enabling, unprecedented, highly-scalable business models.

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3D Animation

Other projects

Working in the field with our customers, we have discovered many high-impact applications which require new types of sensors on board our drones. We are notably working towards gas sensors for the oil & gas and chemical industries, as well as radiation sensors for our customers in nuclear power plants.



Gas Sensor

Some of our our oil & gas and chemicals customers have reported a strong interest to be able to detect the presence of specific gazes or measure the explosivity limit. Do you share the need for such payload?

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Radiation Sensor

With a strong activity in the nuclear industry both in Europe and the USA, our drones are being used in radioactive environments. Would your activity benefit from a live radiation monitoring?

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