Metalcare Solutions Asia Pte Ltd. and Flyability announce a partnership for UAV industrial inspections for the region of Singapore — Flyability



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Metalcare Solutions Asia Pte Ltd. and Flyability announce a partnership for UAV industrial inspections for the region of Singapore

[November 9, 2016]  – Metalcare Solutions Asia Pte Ltd., a leading company providing inspection solutions in the Energy market has announced a partnership for the region of Singapore with Flyability, the commercial drone manufacturer that develops the first collision-tolerant flying robot designed for industrial inspection professionals.



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With this partnership, Metalcare Solutions Asia aims at reinforcing its position on the inspection solutions for professionals: “It is a pleasure to bring Flyability and Metalcare Asia (MSA) together. Bringing our company a new direction and with our extensive inspection experience in Advanced NDT, UAV inspection is yet another indispensable tool that we are able to provide in our repertoire of services throughout all Energy sectors first in Asia but also in Philippines and Canada” says Grant Blackaby, Rope Access Manager and UAV commercial Pilot at Metalcare Solutions Asia Pte Ltd.

For Flyability, this is a new opportunity to expand the commercialization of its products in Asia where they are important leaders on some of its strategic markets: “This new partnership will facilitate our relations with our customers: Metalcare becomes an official service provider of our product Elios, which will enable faster interventions for urgent inspections and easiest organization of important missions in difficult-to-access spaces” says Patrick Thévoz, CEO of Flyability.

Flyability has developed Elios, the first UAV able to tolerate collisions in confined spaces. With its technology, Elios can reach spaces that no other drone can access. It saves costs and time for the customers and increases workers’ safety. “After 10+ years of working within rope access inspection and extensive experience working in confined space, to see such a game changer, I had to just be a part of this in whatever way I could. With the loss of another colleague last year to a confined space, we all have to reduce personnel exposure to high-risk scopes, it’s our obligation to our employees and clients” adds Grant Blackaby.

In addition to providing inspection services with Elios drones, Metalcare Solutions Asia becomes an official reseller of Flyability’s products.

You want to know more about Elios or arrange a demo? Please contact Grant Blackaby, Operations, Rope & Aerial Access Manager, Metalcare Solutions Asia Pte Ltd.: or Xiaolin Briod, Sales Manager at Flyability:

About Metalcare Group

For over a decade Metalcare Group has been providing inspection solutions across the globe. With a passion for innovation and quality, they provide their client base with a trusted service, ensuring safety to plant and Personnel. Metalcare Group is one of the Market leaders in quality and assurance.


About Flyability Ltd.

Flyability is a Swiss company building safe drones for inaccessible places. By allowing drones to be used safely inside cities, inside buildings, and in contact with people, it enables new interactions and services with UAVs and solving the two most critical issues of one of the fastest growing industries: collision and injury risks. The company’s first market is in industrial inspection where it avoids sending people in dangerous and confined spaces for the inspection of Energy, Oil & Gas or transport infrastructure. It is also active in Search & Rescue and security to assess emergency situations without putting humans at risk. Flyability is the winner of the 1M USD Drones for Good Award and over 10 other technology and business prizes.