Indoor drones in Mining

Accessing the inaccessible.

Mines are very hostile environments for humans and mining companies are turning to technology to prevent the exposure of humans to their riskiest operations. By choosing Elios mining companies are benefiting from a tool allowing planning and significantly better decision-making. Elios gives mining professionals access to visual data collected in places where humans are not allowed, for obvious safety reasons, resulting in an increased productivity and a safer working environment for their employees.


Mining - Open Stope


Explore restricted areas such as excavated open stopes to support backfilling operations by detecting shadow areas and understanding ground conditions without putting humans at risk.

Mining - Conveyor Belt


Assessing the integrity of conveyor belts without disturbing their operation and stopping ongoing excavation.

Mining - Drop Raise


Flying tens of meter down a dusty, wet, and rocky drop raise in an underground mine to locate clogging or assess potential for rehabilitation.

Mining - SAG Mill, Ball Mill, and Grinding Mill


Getting inside of SAG, Ball, and Grinding Mill to assess their integrity and detect clogging without having to stop the entire production line.

Mining - Stockpile Feeder


Collecting visuals of feeders by flying through the stockpile hole to assess their integrity and plan for their maintenance without having to put humans at risk. Learn more about mining tools in this in-depth guide.

Mining - Crusher


Performing preventive maintenance of crushers by having a mean of indoor visual inspection to replace parts before they break and paralyze production.


See what people are saying about Elios

Save Costs

Save Costs

The economic benefits of using the Elios for mining equipment inspection are clear. Since the mine doesn’t have to stop production for over an hour, the company sees an immediate savings of between $100-$150,000 in production costs.

Eric Romersa

Co-founder, WSdata3D

Increase Safety

Increase Safety

Mining is an extremely hostile and dangerous environment to be in. Being able to remove the human element is key… Elios will help make the industry safer.

Matt MacKinnon

Founder, UAS Inc.