UAS Engineering partners with Flyability to bring world class indoor drones to Turkey

UAS Engineering has partnered with Flyability to bring the Elios 2 indoor drone to Turkey.


October 1, 2021—UAS Engineering is now an authorized reseller of Flyability’s Elios and Elios 2, the world’s first collision-tolerant drones.

Turkey's leading provider of NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) equipment recently added Flyability’s indoor drones to its list of offerings for industrial inspections. 

“UAS Engineering Ltd, is excited to partner with Flyability," says Yorgo Ipsefel, General Manager at UAS Engineering Ltd. "Our vision is to introduce indoor drones for the inspection of confined and risky spaces in Turkey to help companies make these inspections safer, faster, and less expensive. Flyability's Elios 2, the most intuitive and reliable drone for confined spaces, is now available all over Turkey from UAS Engineering Ltd.”

In industries that require regular inspections, such as Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Chemicals, the Elios 2 is quickly becoming the go-to solution for internal inspections.

Using the Elios 2, inspectors have helped realize significant savings and decreased downtimes for asset owners, reducing inspection costs by as much as 90%. Inspectors have also significantly improved safety with the Elios 2 by using it to reduce or even eliminate the need for inspectors to enter confined spaces in order to collect visual data.

The Elios 2 indoor drone is safely contained within a carbon fiber cage, which gives inspectors the freedom to operate it in a variety of environments, as well as complete darkness using its LED lighting and thermal imagery. The cage helps make the drone collision tolerant, so that it can collide and continue flying. This feature combined with the high quality of the drone’s visual data allows inspectors to conduct inspections remotely in tight, confined spaces that might otherwise pose a safety risk for human entry.


About Flyability

Flyability is a Swiss company building solutions for the inspection and exploration of indoor, inaccessible, and confined spaces. By allowing drones to be used safely inside buildings, it enables industrial companies and inspection professionals to reduce downtime, inspection costs, and risks to workers. With hundreds of customers in over 50 countries in Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Maritime, Infrastructures & Utilities, and Public Safety, Flyability has pioneered and continues to lead the innovation in the commercial indoor drone space

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Contact:, +41 21 311 55 00

About UAS Engineering

UAS Engineering is a company specialized in confined space inspections with drones. Its services include sales, training, and maintenance for Flyability's Elios 2 drone. It offers consulting services for industrial drone activities for various industries including cement, oil & gas, mining, construction, power & utilities, and chemicals, as well as shipping and shipyards sectors.

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Dronlarla kapalı alan denetimleri konusunda uzmanlaşmış bir şirketir. Şirketin hizmetleri, FLYABILITY'nin ELIOS 2 dronunun satışı, eğitimi, bakımı ve takibi ile birlikte endüstriyel drone faaliyetleri kapsamında, çimento, petrol ve gaz, madencilik, inşaat, enerji ve kamu hizmetleri, kimya, denizcilik ve tersane sektörlerinde odaklanmıştır.

 “UAS Engineering Ltd, FLYABILITY ile ortak olmaktan heyecan duyuyor, çünkü dronlarla güvenli, hızlı ve maliyete karşı duyarlı ,Türkiye'deki çeşitli endüstriler lehine, kapalı ve riskli alan denetimleri    konusundaki yeni mega trendi tanıtma vizyonumuz gerçekleştiriliyor. FLYABILITY'nin kapalı alanlar için en sezgisel ve güvenilir dronu olan ELIOS 2, UAS Engineering Ltd. Aracılığıyla artık Türkiye'nin her yerinde.”


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