Security inspection reaches new heights at China-ASEAN Expo

With increasing international exchanges, we can see more and more fairs and exhibitions popping up around the world. How to quickly and efficiently check the crowded and complex venues of these large-scale events, especially in hard-to-reach, high-altitude, and tight space, is an imminent problem.

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Benefits in a nutshell


Less than a day to perform the security inspection of the main areas of an international exhibition.


Access to previously inaccessible places: high-altitude ceiling structure, hidden compartments, and tight spaces. 


With the increasing international exchanges, we can see more and more fairs and exhibitions popping up around the world. In the crowded and complex venues of these large-scale events, often accompanied by unexpected situations and security risks, maintaining the site security becomes a real challenge for event organizers and local governments. How to quickly and efficiently check the entire venue, especially in hard-to-reach, high-altitude, and tight space, is an imminent problem.

Customer Needs

Last September, the city of Nanning, Guangxi, China, successfully held the 15th China-ASEAN Expo and the China-ASEAN Business and Investment. This year, the scale of the exhibition and attendance broke new records with a total of 2'669 exhibiting companies and 65'000 visitors. More importantly for the organizers and security concerns, the event was attended by 8 national leaders, and 7 of the ASEAN members - Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam - had a grand representation participating in the exhibition.

会展中心 B厅展厅

To preserve safety at this major event, Guangxi Police forces mobilized all of their resources and carefully deployed security agents all around the site. Despite these security measures, the security team had to perform a thorough high-altitude security inspection of the entire exhibition hall before the event opening. Due to the limited time available to set up the exhibition and the complexity of the setup, only a very short period of time was left to perform this security inspection, making it a very hefty task.


Fortunately, the organizers could count on the deployment of the Elios to, precisely, solved this problem. Not only could they complete the security inspection with a very high level of efficiency, but they could investigate the place within the available time frame and inspect areas that were previously impossible to inspect. Thanks to technology and the organization of the team, it was the first time that an ASEAN meeting achieved this level of security.

In less than a day, the security team conducted with the Elios a security check on the main conference room, the Theatre Hall, the Liyuan Villa Conference room, and the Convention and Exhibition Center. Inspections mainly focused on the high-altitude ceiling structures of the venues and conference rooms, as well as some very tight spaces with potential safety hazards.



In the main conference room, with a capacity of 1,500 people, there are nearly one hundred inlaid lights and compartments between these lights and the ceiling. It is necessary to promptly check these compartments one by one, to ensure the safety of the entire venue. With its unique collision-resistant design, Elios quickly reached the 30 meters high ceiling and inspected all ceiling compartments. It even entered some hidden areas of the compartments for a more thorough check.

In the exhibition hall, Elios demonstrated its dexterity during a high-altitude inspection. It freely shuttled from booth to booth to ensure that there were no dangers at the top of each booth. During this patrol, the security team detected a foreign object thanks to Elios. After an in-depth investigation, they identified the object as a forgotten item left carelessly by workers.

In the inspection of the Liyuan Villa conference room, in addition to the ceiling compartments of the conference room, there is a narrow wall compartment underneath the room which is inaccessible for humans to inspect, even with a lift. Elios easily flew into the deepest area of this compartment, and, using Elios' embedded LED lights, the situation in the entire compartment was all brought to light.

Throughout the mission, various departments of the organization team praised the versatility and collision-tolerance of the Elios. Overall, it helped the security team to save a lot of time, as well as human and financial resources. Elios could complete a security check that usually requires large pieces of equipment in addition to performing some formerly deemed impossible tasks. Last but not least, the complete security inspection was recorded by the Elios, allowing for the security personnel to further analyze and review the operation in detail.


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