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Disaster response: the Elios 3 in the Johannesburg gas explosion

Specialist digitization and inspection engineers Delta Scan used the Elios 3 in a rapid response to deal with a gas explosion on a street in central …

Public Safety LiDAR Case Study

Bringing the Elios 2 and Elios 3 to firefighting

When every second counts, emergency response teams need to make the right decisions. The Elios drones are helping inform decision making in …

Public Safety Intrinsically Safe Product Case Study

Rotterdam Fire Brigade Uses the Elios 2 to Keep Firefighters Safe

The Rotterdam Fire Brigade's Digital Exploration Team has one of the largest fleets of robots in the world for fighting fires—here's how the Elios 2 …

Public Safety

Marine Firefighters of Marseille Test the Elios 2 for Ship Rescues

The Marine Firefighters of Marseille tested the Elios 2 for investigating accidents and preparing for rescues on boats.

Public Safety

Safe Forensic Investigation in Liverpool Parking Lot Aftermath

A severe fire broke out at the Liverpool Echo Arena Multi Story Car Park on 31st December 2017. Once the fire was under control and extinguished, …

Public Safety

Security inspection reaches new heights at China-ASEAN Expo

With increasing international exchanges, we can see more and more fairs and exhibitions popping up around the world. How to quickly and efficiently …

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