case study

Disaster response: the Elios 3 in the Johannesburg gas explosion

Specialist digitization and inspection engineers Delta Scan used the Elios 3 in a rapid response to deal with a gas explosion on a street in central …

Public Safety LiDAR Case Study

Bringing safer confined space sewer inspections to Sydney with the Elios 3

In Sydney, Australia, Metrocorp Technologies is using the Elios 3 for safe surveys in live sewers, stormwaters and other high risk confined space …

Sewer LiDAR Case Study

Optimizing confined space inspections: A success case with Elios and WACO S.R.L.

To guarantee the safety of their furnace and employees, UNICALCE SpA appointed WACO Srl and their Elios drone to inspect some rock detachments at …

Mining Case Study

Mapping 13 kilometers of underground technical galleries in Brussels

In a massive project to help Brussels become a smart city, Brussels Mobility and several partners mapped 13 km of underground technical galleries.

infrastructure & utilities Operations LiDAR Case Study

Saving over $1 million: wind turbine inspections with the Elios 3

A drone inspection for wind turbine blades can help avoid over $1 million in replacement costs by identifying faulty equipment early.

Power Generation LiDAR Case Study

Bringing the Elios 2 and Elios 3 to firefighting

When every second counts, emergency response teams need to make the right decisions. The Elios drones are helping inform decision making in …

Public Safety Intrinsically Safe Product Case Study

Surveying a disused coal plant with the Elios 3

An abandoned coal plant is being mapped for redevelopment, so surveying and inspection specialists TEXO used the Elios 3 to inspect the old buildings …

Power Generation LiDAR Case Study

Power station inspections in Hong Kong with the Elios

CLP Power supplies highly reliable electricity to over 80% of Hong Kong’s population. As maintaining safe and efficient operations of power …

Power Generation LiDAR Case Study

Surveying Old Workings in a Mine with the Elios 3

A major inactive zinc mine survey with the Elios 3 proved to have successful results and empowered surveys of old workings.

Mining Case Study

Analyzing a 35-meter dam surge tank with the Elios 3 in Canada

The Taltson Hydro Plant was due for maintenance work, and Osprey Integrity used the Elios 3 to inspect the inner workings of this dam.

Power Generation infrastructure & utilities Case Study