Indoor drones in other industries

Save costs. Spare lives.

Applications requiring indoor inspection and explorations cover tens of industries. Flyability’s UAVs are currently used by over 300 customers around the world with the common goal of saving costs and sparing lives. Indeed, reducing risk is paramount to all our customers. In addition to keeping workers safe, they often have the possibility of inspecting and exploring spaces that were previously inaccessible, shifting the cost-benefit ratio of their work.


Maritime - Cargo Hold

Cargo Hold

Providing visuals of hard-to-reach places during cargo holds cleanliness surveys to ensure a thorough check prior to loading a new cargo.

Maritime - Ballast Tank

Ballast / Fuel Tanks

Remotely performing the General Visual Inspection of various confined spaces of a maritime vessel such as ballast and fuel tanks.

Maritime - Engine Room

Engine Room

Exploring the engine room of a maritime vessel after a fire to ensure its proper extinction while the room is still inaccessible for humans.

Maritime - Ship to Shore Cranes

Port Crane / Ship to Shore Crane

Inspecting the inside of large metallic structures such crane on shore to prevent breakage and plan for maintenance.

Infrastructure and Utilities - Sewers


Flying over running water in sewers, looking for cracks, and potential pipe obstruction, with the pilot standing on the ground.

Other Industries - Jet Engine Test Bed

Jet Engine Test Bed

Inspecting the silencers of a jet engine test bed without dismantling the control vanes at the entrance of the inlet stack.

Infrastructure and Utilities - Bridges


Assessing the structural integrity of bridges by inspecting in between beams and inside box girders without having to deploy a bucket truck.

Manufacturing - Factory Indoor Ceiling

Factory Ceiling

Perform indoor ceiling inspection over a factory floor in less than half the time of traditional methods and without shutting down production.

Material - Steel Mill

Steel Mill

Inspecting several assets such as blast furnaces, crop shears, or cranes during team shift and without interrupting production.


What our customers say about Elios

Increase Safety

Increase Safety

We've used Elios in a shaft 75m underground and for a culvert inspection, which both proved extremely successful. Amazing technology, saving significant costs not to mention the Health and Safety risk reduction.

Jon Lorimer

Security Risk Management Specialist, Thames Water

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