Indoor drones in Power & Utilities

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Increase workers' safety

Keep your workforce out of harm’s way by performing remote visual inspections, eliminating entry in confined spaces, and avoiding dose exposures.

Reduce inspection costs

Avoid installing scaffolding or using rope access, perform faster inspections, and involve fewer people during the inspection process.




Drones in the power generation industry

Take a deep dive into use cases and get insights from the field. Hear our customers in the power generation industry share their best practices and success stories about indoor drone inspections. 

In this webinar, we’ll hear from a leader at Exelon Clearsight working on the cutting edge of drone use in Power Generation. Our invited speaker will cover typical drone use cases, drawing from first-hand experience using drones in the field. He'll also cover the benefits of using drones in inspection scenarios, including improved safety and ROI.

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Assets to inspect with indoor drones

Power Generation - Coaled-Fired Boiler


Assessing the integrity of burners, refractory, and superheater piping inside the combustion chamber and detecting clogs, and wear and tear inside air pre-heaters.

Power Generation - Nuclear Power Plants


Controlling for suspected leakage and assessing the integrity of equipment in radioactive parts or nuclear plants without having to expose humans to radiation.

Power Generation - HRSG


Assessing the integrity of supporting pins, burners, and lancers inside an HRSG during the power outage of a combined cycle plant.

Power Generation - Waste Incinerator


Visually inspecting the refractory, burners, tubes, and pipes of the combustion chamber during both periodic and unplanned shutdowns.

Power Generation - Wind Turbine


Inspecting the blades of wind turbines during planned shutdowns and inside the pillar and basement of the turbine while operating.

Power Generation - Hydro Power Plant


Gathering visuals to check for the integrity of various confined spaces of a dam such as surge tanks, water canals, penstocks, and flood gates.

Power Generationn - Recovery Boiler


Visually inspecting the refractory, burners, tubes, and pipes of the combustion chamber or recovery boilers during both periodic and unplanned shutdowns.

Power Generation - Transformer


Collecting information such as liquid levels or leaks at the top of high-voltage underground transformers to assess their proper functioning.

Power Generation - Asset Commissioning


Performing prior-to-commissioning inspections of coal-fired boilers to certify the proper execution of the work done by a plant constructor.

Power Generation - Chimney

Chimney / Smokestack

Performing a General Visual Inspection to detect cracks and anomalies on the inside of a sky-high chimney within a power plant.


What our customers say about our drones

Save Costs

Save Costs

Having supplied the Elios and trained a number of nuclear staff to fly this technology, we would agree it has many benefits. Although there are some areas you would not use this or any other rotary wing aircraft due to rotor wash, but for most restricted or no man access situations it delivers and has the potential to save hundreds of thousands when compared to conventional methods.

Ian Henderson

Managing Director, EneffTech Services Ltd

Increase Safety

Increase Safety

At Exelon, we have realized significant safety improvements and cost-reduction using the Elios to perform indoor asset inspections at our facilities. We feel this is a valuable asset every generating station should have on-hand.

Colbey Ryan

Co-Founder and head of Business Development, Exelon AeroLabs

Indoor Drones

Power & utilities industry

Electricity availability is a given to our society. We take its provision for granted and our productivity gets paralyzed when downtimes happen. Power Generation professionals are constantly acting to preserve the level of production to make sure the grid is always on. By choosing Elios, power plant maintenance teams are able to regularly and thoroughly assess the integrity of their assets, helping reduce unplanned downtimes by rapidly collecting visual data to make educated decisions and get things fixed as quickly as possible.



What you should know about indoor drone inspection in Power Generation


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