Optimizing confined space inspections: A success case with Elios and WACO S.R.L.

To guarantee the safety of their furnace and employees, UNICALCE SpA appointed WACO Srl and their Elios drone to inspect some rock detachments at …

Mining Case Study

Surveying Old Workings in a Mine with the Elios 3

A major inactive zinc mine survey with the Elios 3 proved to have successful results and empowered surveys of old workings.

Mining Case Study

Testing The Elios 3 Surveying Payload at ICL Boulby Mine

See how the new Surveying Payload completed surveys faster and more easily at the underground mine ICL Boulby

Mining Product Case Study

Using the Elios 3 to improve site safety on a mine in Australia

A culvert on an open-cut mine in Australia was deemed inaccessible until the Elios 3 was used to scan it in less than a day.


Mining More Efficiently at Glencore Kidd Operations With Elios 3

Discover how Elios 3 inspected and leveraged data from one of the most inaccessible places, 10.000ft under sea level.

Mining Case Study

3D Maps from Elios 3 Help Mining Operation Find Cause of Ore Pass Hangup in 10 Minutes

A large mining operation used the Elios 3 to identify the cause of a hangup in an ore pass in just ten minutes, helping them pinpoint its exact …


Elios 3 Helps Luxembourg 3D Map Slate Mine Turned into Museum

Luxembourg's division of Mines, Mining, and Quarries used the Elios 3 to 3D map an old slate quarry that was being turned into a museum.


Elios 3 Stockpile Measurements Improve Safety & Accuracy at Salt Mine

LiDAR data from the Elios 3 helped mining engineers at a salt mine in Germany calculate stockpile measurements, making the process safer and more …


Testing the Elios 2 at a High Altitude Mine Located in the Andes Mountains

The Elios 2 was tested at a high altitude mine located almost 3 miles high in the Andes Mountains, meeting all the expectations of the mining …


Mining Drones: Elios 2 Creates Photogrammetric Models

The use of drones in the mining industry is quite popular for mapping open pits but when it comes to exploring underground, flying drones is a true …