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Analyzing a 35-meter dam surge tank with the Elios 3 in Canada

The Taltson Hydro Plant was due for maintenance work, and Osprey Integrity used the Elios 3 to inspect the inner workings of this dam.

Power Generation infrastructure & utilities Case Study

Testing the Elios 3 Surveying Payload: Mapping a 600m bridge without disrupting traffic

Flyability and our partner Droprise collaborated to map a long stretch of roadway bridge in Belgium

Power Generation infrastructure & utilities Case Study

Unlocking NDT inspections for power generation with the Elios 3

VZÚ Plzeň, a robotic inspections service provider, is using Elios 3 to radically improve drone inspections at power generation sites in the Czech …

Power Generation infrastructure & utilities Case Study

Interview: Elios drones at Sellafield, Europe's largest nuclear site

Our interview with Amanda Smith, UAV equipment programme manager at Sellafield, dives into how drones are used on-site and how they improve safety.

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How the Elios 3 RAD payload is detecting radiation hotspots

Benefits in a nutshell Fast identification and measurement of radiation hotspots achieved with the Elios 3 and new RAD payload. Safe …

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Elios 3 Used to 3D Map Irradiated Storage Vault at DOE Site

Benefits in a nutshell Best tool for the job

Power Generation

Vattenfall Uses Elios 3 to Map No Go Zones in Decommissioned Power Plant

Personnel at a decommissioned power plant owned by Vattenfall used the Elios 3 to create 3D models inside a "no go" zone, improving their …

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One Month of Work Saved on Complex Nuclear Inspection Using the Elios 2

Exelon Clearsight utilized the Elios 2 for an ASME XI nuclear containment building inspection, resulting in a net savings of over 300 billable hours: …

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Internal Wind Turbine Blade Inspection with Elios 2 Cuts Inspection Time in Half, Allows 40% More of Blade to Be Inspected

Power company Ørsted tested the Elios 2 for an offshore wind turbine inspection and found that it helped them inspect 40% more of the turbine's …

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Drone Reduces Time Needed for Scrubber Inspection by 98%, Saving 470 Hours of Work

TVA tested the Elios 2 for the inspection of a scrubber at one of its power plants and found that it helped keep personnel safer while significantly …

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