Elios 2 Firmware

Here you can find the latest versions of the Elios 2 firmware. The latest versions are:

Avionics v1.5  (MD5 hash: a886c0036d0efec6f6e41ffd7e0bc101)

Camera v072a

Cockpit v2.6

Installation Instructions



v1.5 August 2021

New features:

  • Integration with Elios 2 RAD Radiation detector payload
  • Battery SoC displayed up to 60 cycles instead of 40

Bug fixes

  • Drone is no longer disarmed when performing the arming sequence when already armed


v1.4 November 2020
New features:

  • Photogrammetry flight mode now has grid lines overlaid to help with managing overlap during flight.
  • Failsafe: After loss of signal the drone maintains altitude for 15 seconds, then starts the auto descent.
  • Firmware update is only possible if drone battery voltage is higher than 16V
    New warnings to communicate about hardware issues in the transmission system.
  • Added warnings to communicate that motors are approaching or have exceeded the maximum recommended replacement interval of 25 flight hours.
  • Added warnings to communicate that the battery is approaching or has exceeded the maximum recommended lifetime of 40 discharge cycles.
  • Battery SoC estimation is shown only if battery cycles < 40
    Warning to detect defective battery through high cells imbalance
  • General improvements in vertical stability
Bug fixes:
  • Camera Initialization improved to avoid recording error. Drone cannot be rearmed immediately after disarming to ensure proper video file termination.
  • General bug fixes and improvements

v1.3 March 2020
New features:
  • Distance lock setpoint is now tunable
  • Improved tuning for auto closeup LED
  • Drone blinks during arming sequence to estimate battery internal resistance
  • Drone will not arm if battery is outside temperature range
    Added more info to payload logs
  • Avionics watchdog to debug avionics
    Checks if camera SD Card is at least 64GB
  • Will not start recording video if there is no space on SD card
  • Better motion detection for IMU calibration
  • Improved altitude control
  • Live video feed switches to SDcomposite if HDMI error is detected

Bug fixes:
  • Removed glitches in camera warnings
  • Improved yaw control
  • Corrected trim implementation
  • Improved drone stability on the ground
  • Fixed logging issues


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