I need to calibrate the control unit

Calibration ensures that the control sticks have correct center point and range, the status LED on the GCS unit will blink red and a beeping sound will be heard when calibration is necessary. The control sticks can be calibrated with the DJI GO app by following these steps:

  • Install "DJI GO--For products before P4" (or "DJI GO" on iOS) on your personal device. We do not recommend, to install it on the provided tablet. Cockpit and DJI GO do not get along well.
  • Connect the GCS to a device with DJI GO, turn on the GCS and launch DJI GO
  • DJI GO will automatically detect the Lightbridge 2, press on the "Camera" button


  • In the next screen, press the settings icon in the top right corner
  • In the settings menu, select the transmitter icon tab, then press on the "Remote Controller Settings" arrow


  • Press on the "Remote Controller Calibration" arrow


  • Press "Calibrate" and follow the instructions on screen


If you have installed DJI GO on the Elios tablet, uninstall it before flying the drone with the Cockpit app. Since both apps will try to connect to the GCS transmitter, the video and telemetry signals might get interrupted on cockpit.


Troubleshooting elios 2

This article will guide you through the most common symptoms of malfunctions and how to fix it.

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Manuals Elios 2 Safety Instructions

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A pentagon can get unglued after a collision. This can easily be repaired following the instructions below.

Troubleshooting elios elios 2

We are only providing the Samsung T580 and T390N. Hence, please keep using this particular tablet with the Elios system, as we are developing the Elios […]

Troubleshooting elios elios 2

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Troubleshooting elios elios 2


Troubleshooting elios elios 2

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When the Batter Safety Clip is damaged or broken it must be replaced before the next flight. This is a simple procedure which you can perform yourself.

Troubleshooting elios elios 2

A  beeping sound and red flashing LED can indicate the following errors:

Maintenance elios

A cage with damaged elements becomes softer and more fragile. A badly maintained cage can seriously reduce the drone's collision tolerance.

Maintenance elios

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Maintenance elios

A damaged or incorrectly screwed propeller may seriously damage the aircraft

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Every Elios comes with a 12-month warranty which is the expression of our commitment to quality. The warranty covers all the malfunctions that could occur […]

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